Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Safety heat exchanger for industrial applications

Universal Hydraulik has developed a new safety heat exchanger based on the existing oil/water heat exchanger.
The mix of the two fluids (cooling liquid and to be cooled liquid) is impossible, by the double tube system in the safety heat exchanger. The gap between the tubes in the safety heat exchanger is filled with a glycol liquid. If the liquid volume changes, a pre-charged piston-type accumulator will compensate the thermal change. That keeps the liquid pressure in the safety heat exchanger almost constant. The minimal and maximum pressure monitoring guarantee that in case of a defect of the outer or inner tubes a electrical alarm will start.

Universal Hydraulik is one of the world’s leading producer of high-quality heat exchangers (plate heat exchanger, shell & tube heat exchanger, safety heat exchanger). The German machine construction company has a worldwide sales and service network in more than 20 countries.

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